e n g l i s h   e d i t i o n A WORD FROM YOU 


Until now, this homepage have been visited of  people from Denmark, Norway, Netherland, Sweden, Chez Republic, Poland, Belgium, Romania, Slovak Republic, Switzerland, Greece, Finland, Italy, France, Brasil, Argentina, Lithuania, Samoa, Turkey, Chile, Taiwan, Israel, Slovenia, Thailand, Hungary, Greenland, Faroe Isklands, Japan, Germany, Albania, Austria, Portugal, Canada, USA, Iceland, Yoguslavia, United Kingdom.

Today visitor nr.10.000 came by. HURRAY!! and welcome.

As a festive gift, my son Andreas has made it possible for you to write too . You are most welcome.

Take a look at the page "Flowers of the year" , - pictures of some of the flowers that you can find in a Danish garden.

Easter in Denmark this year is from 24.03 until 28.3.05. As in christmas, we are looking foreward to the "easter-lunch" time, with family and friends.

Hallo and welcome.
From now on, I will make an english edition of some of the pages at
. I am going to make a guestbook, as soon as I know how to do it. Until then, you are welcome to mail me, at webmaster

I wish you a Happy New year, thinking of all the people in Asia, who needs help now.


 Birgitte Tarding